Situated at the west base of Mount Wachusett, the historic Charbrook Farm was founded in 1743 by Stephen Brigham, and has remained in the same family for eleven generations. It was the earliest dairy farm in the town of Princeton, and is one of the oldest original dairy farms in the state of Massachusetts. The historic farm spanned over two hundred acres, with fields for haying and pasture, and several miles of stonewalls. The name ‘Charbrook’ was inspired by the partnership between William Brooks Stimson and his son, Charles Brooks Stimson, during the height of dairy in the 1950s. The farm always kept cows, supplemented with horses, pigs, and chickens. Holstein was the breed of choice, with sixty-five heifers during the heyday of milk production. By 1995, the farm ceased its dairy activity and over one hundred acres were put into conservation easement supported by the Agricultural Preservation Program. The old Charbrook Farm has since become Stimson Farm, where grass-fed Hereford cattle are raised and haying is still the primary crop.

The old farm remains as always, family oriented, with homegrown help.

farm from belowView of Lower Pastures of the Historic Stimson Farm, 1800s

farm from roadView of Dairy Barn and House of the Historic Stimson Farm, 1800s

chickensGreat Grandfather Charles Frederick Thompson Feeding the Chickens

mountain viewView from Historic Stimson Farm of Mount Wachusett, Little Schoolhouse, and Lower Pastures, 1800s

farm 3Charbrook Farm Cow Lane, 1970s, photo by Bruce Dean

farm 2Charbrook Farm Working Courtyard, 1970s, photo by Bruce Dean